Sorry from Hashimoto-ya

My husband (Takuya Hashimoto) returned from Tokyo's training, and since I inherited this inn, early and decades have passed.

Although it is a lodging that lasted for four generations from the Meiji era, there was no homepage initially, and opportunities to know about the inn was limited.

We opened a website and posted it on several inn reservations sites.

Through the Internet, customers' layers have expanded much.

Of course regulars, as well as neighboring prefectures, far away from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and overseas customers can also get a reservation.

Meanwhile, the information that can be conveyed on the homepage is not all of Hashimoto-ya, but it has also caused a small misunderstanding.

For the happiness of our customers and ourselves.

Before booking to Hashimoto-ya I would like to tell you a few things I would like to know.

I am sorry for being distant

It is an additional 15 minutes by car from Himi city center.(Near the border with Nanao city, Ishikawa prefecture.)

Even in Himi, it is in the back.

However, there is a charm that you can enjoy because it is this place.

The scenic spot is located in front of the island, and it is the best seat for seeing the Tateyama mountain range over the sea.

In the summer, the transparency of the sea is different.

I am sorry for being old

The building is by no means excellent.

Building 40 years has passed.

The appearance of the shop may also be lonesome.

After my husband succeeded the shop, I used toilets, a part of the bath, a hallway on the first floor, walls and lighting in the hall, approach in front of the entrance, and so on, although it is little by little, I spend a little pampering with the customer even a little As you can have, we are working hard every day.

We may be sorry for your inconvenience due to old age.

Sorry for being small

Only 6 rooms.

There are 3 rooms with sea view, 3 rooms on the mountain side.

There is no toilet in the room.

Besides, it is a saloon of approximately 30 mats.

Two bathrooms.

It is truly a small little inn.

As the master alone is responsible for all of the dishes, the number of groups that can be accepted per day by the full reservation system is also limited to 3 to 4 pairs.

Even if the room is empty, we may refuse further than that.

We value cuisine that we can offer and the quality of hospitality.

Sorry are not a hot spring

Hashimoto-ya is not a hot spring.

The bath is boiling water.

You can see the sea from the bathroom.

It is great to wake up a little early in the morning and watch the sunrise while taking a bath.

I am sorry that I do not have anything.

It is 10 minutes by car to convenience store.

The surrounding area is the sea and the mountain.

It is a quiet place.

Rich nature is one of the attractions.

Time spent at the pier.

Sea bird's voice.

Feeling wind.

Sound of the wave.

The night is alright.

starry skies.

I would like to learn something out of something and heal the daily fatigue.

I think whether it is okay to have a camera and a favorite book for you to spend.

There may still be plenty of "sorry".

There are various criteria for customers to choose an accommodation.

If you can call on to Hashimoto store after understanding the above, there is no such happiness.

From the guests who stayed, I was worried about the beginning, but when you spend it at Hashimoto-ya, those who say that the above things will not matter anyhow.(I really appreciate it.)

Aiming for "the smallest Japanese cooking rice in Japan".

Although it is slow, please expect from us every day evolving.

We are waiting for you from the bottom to meet you all.