Teste a season's ones and neighboring foodstuff...

At the Hashimoto-ya, we value the fragrance of the land and the seasonal feeling from the dish.

Hashimoto-ya's chef sticks to better materials.

Himi was brought up by the rich nature of the sea, village, and mountains.
The chefs themselves divided into mountains, and the wild vegetables were hand cued carefully one by one.
Organic grown vegetables to be harvested at their own vegetable garden.
Dishes of Hashimoto-ya
begin with the culinary ingredients that the chefs themselves find and find.

Delicious food gathered from the sea "Toyama Bay"

Toyama Bay, also known as "Natural Crawl".
Directly exchanging fish fried on that day with local fresh fish shops and fishermen,
we are looking for fresh items and high-quality items to purchase.
Not to mention Himi fish, rock oysters of Himi in summer, Noto in winter.
From Shinminato, we are collecting and sticking to sticking ingredients,
taking advantage of the location blessed with fisheries, such as firefly,
white shrimp and crab.
There are Himi in the season which can be tasted only at Hashimoto Shrine.

Delicious food gathered from the Himi mountains
We feel the breath of the four seasons from the foodstuff.

A mountain vegetable you pick yourself at Himi nozo, where morning dew is left.…
Fukinoenna, Warabi, Kogami, Spring, Tame, Yamashita, Wormwood, Ideas ....
Among the things that are often overlooked,
there are many things that can meet new taste as soon as you cook.
Please enjoy the breath of the four seasons with a variety of flavors.

Agricultural products produced in the surrounding area

The land that spreads over the Ueson River that flows through Himi city.
To make you feel the fragrance of the land and the seasonal feeling,
the vegetables are here's own vegetable gardens, making their own affections with their families.
In the clear air, boasted vegetables boasted carefully from the ground.
The fresh leaves are really fresh, and the flavor of the vegetables is solid.
In order not to destroy the taste of the material,
I will use it for cooking one by one heartfully so as to draw out more.

Kids lunch

We can prepare kids meal for under 12. The meal should be a hamburg steak, deep fried shrimp and other thing kids might like.

For kids who like seafood, of course we can prepare the meal as same as adults’ or small one. Please feel free to get in touch with us about price and anything you want to know!!


The hotel has the restaurant on the ground floor for dinner and breakfast. However you can have dinner in your room if you like, but you have to have breakfast in our restaurant.

The ocean viewing from the restaurant is so nice!!!


We serve breakfast with plenty of Himi's seafood.

We serve the rest of the day before

We living Himi, do'nt waste fish at all.
Hachimoto ya boat popularity seems to have many items than other boats,
so there are many things that you can not eat.

In such a case, we are making a suggestion to hug it at the next morning.
I think that it is a small accommodation, that it can be a hospitality.