Himi's Cuisine Ryokan Hasimoto-ya
Grand Opening
Planned for Spring 2024!

Hashimotoya is currently closed
for renovation.

My thought

To leave my daily life that is too much,
for a moment at the seaside where there is nothing but…
Scenery and cooking for a long time, talk with nature,a place to see,
to touch, to eat, to enjoy with the five senses.
That is Hashimoto-ya.

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It is also a synonymous with Himi,
the magnificent Tateyama mountain range
where Abuko rises over the island.
It is not well known that the inn from where this view can be seen is actually
"only Hashimoto-ya".
Welcome to our excellent accommodation.

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Seasonal things, local ones, seafood, mountain and village savors abundantly weaved,

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Himi has a beautiful sea, mountains, real richness remains,

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From any room, you can hear the sound of ripples in the sea, the healing effect is outstanding.Especially in the ocean side rooms, the sea is in front of you, you can see a wonderful view.

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Equipment outline

The inside of the hall makes full use of the wisdom
of the female general innkeeper,
who, being mother of an infant, devises easy to use premises
for guests with children.
Come and enjoy the hospitality
that can only be given in a small lodge like our,
we are waiting for you.

*Notice : Smoking is prohibited in our hotel.

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