What kind of memories will you make on this trip?

Why do not you spend your time relaxingly, relaxingly, with a beautiful ocean,
mountains and Himi with real richness remaining?
Here I will show you how to enjoy Himi.

Enjoy with the sea

The back of the Hatmoto shop faces the sea.
With a dedicated fishing pier, you can enjoy not only the daytime sea fishing but also the fantastic night fishing at the moonlit night.
Also, you can jump directly from the pier to the sea in the summer!

Some customers are reading books slowly with beer while feeling the sea breeze

The sea of Himi gently relaxes their daily fatigue.

★ We judge the fish that the customer has taken and also offer services for dinner.

★ We are also renting fishing rods.

(※ Please inform us by 2 days before the reservation / reservation date.)

Reel rod / 2,160 yen (including tax)

Pan pole / 1,620 yen (including tax)

Fishing bait (Isome) 432 yen (small) / 648 yen (large)

★ Customers wishing to have a fishing boat please contact us at the time of reservation.

Enjoy with Satoyama

A sea in front of the Hashimoto-ya and a satoyama in the back.
If you walk a little from the inn, nature that can not be seen is spreading in the city.
When you walk along the rice field of rice field, you can meet frogs, amenbos, nakedness, various other insects.

Let's enjoy Toyama and Noto based in Hashimoto-ya

Hashimoto-ya is located at the base of Noto Peninsula.
Taking advantage of this location, the first day to Toyama tour, the next day to Noto · · ·
Let's make memories of travel overnight.